Signs IMPACT Your Audience…And Your Bottom-Line.  SIGNS MATTER!

Signs matter! So much so, that a business can thrive or fail to survive, simply, by “the image,” “the impact” and “the impression” that their sign makes to its audience. A sign can, literally, determine whether or not, one gives a business an opportunity or not. Fair? Maybe not. But, that’s reality in our competitive world.

At Franklin Sign Co., we know this. That’s why EVERY sign is created with real marketing and communication strategies in mind. We, then, meld together creativity with technology to produce the number one communication tool that can truly drive your business. So, ask yourself? Is it “just a sign?” Then, call us.

Considering there are thousands of sign companies to choose from, how does one know which one is best? First, let’s agree that technology makes a significant difference. Let’s also agree that the materials used in making a sign are very important. Now, let’s consider the “magic” ingredients: creative sign craftsmen and experience. In other words, the personal touch of those who take enormous pride in designing, manufacturing and installing one’s sign can be the difference in your communication making a “connection” and, therefore, impacting your bottom-line or not.

With over 22 years of experience and the finest staff of sign experts, Franklin Sign Co. offers an amazing array of styles, colors and finishes to give your sign that perfect, personal touch affordably. From basic banners, real estate signs, building signs and monument signs, vehicle graphics, trade-show to comprehensive store displays—if it’s sign, we make it!  Signs really do Impact your audience …..and your bottom-line. Let’s talk now. One of our sign experts is ready to help you every step of the way.