• Signs Matter!

    Signs matter! So much so, that a business can thrive or fail to survive, simply, by "the image," "the impact" and "the impression" that their sign makes to its audience. A sign can, literally, determine whether or not, one gives a business an opportunity or not. Fair? Maybe not. But, that's reality in our competitive world.
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  • Banner

    Banners "rock!" And, at Franklin Sign Co., we know how to make your message pop! So, whether you need a banner to announce a sale, a temporary banner to say "coming soon," a big banner, a small banner, we're ready to advise, design & manufacture the highest quality banner at the most affordable prices. C'mon, what do you want to say?
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  • Real Estate Signs

    Hear this! All real estate signs are not created equal. Franklin Sign Co. knows that there are not too many industries where a sign can truly impact the response…or lack thereof…than in residential and commercial real estate. We understand real estate. We've worked hard to master its "art." We'll work even harder to listen to your needs and provide you with the personal service and quality signs that sets us apart.
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Put Your Imagination In Print

It's what our leading-edge technology allows you to do that is "magical." If you can imagine it, we can print it. And, when we say "print it," we mean CREATIVELY. Take a look... Click