Wall Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs are also known as wall signs or box signs, these outdoor signs are mounted directly to the wall or face of the building.  They are mostly built with a box-style frame, use LED lighting, and have a plastic (acrylic) face.  Flat face, pan face, or embossed, printed graphics or cut graphics, the possibilities are great.

Churches, medical offices, restaurants, salons and many other retailers and service providers find cabinet signs to be the best option for showcasing their brand.

We also offer other wall signs that can be made of virtually any durable outdoor quality material and can be dimensional or flat.  Some of our biggest sellers are made out of aluminum and max metal which is an aluminum composite material.  They are much more economical than lighted dimensional letter signs (channel letters) and can be lit from an indirect light source. Contact our staff today to find out what type of sign will work best for your needs and budget.