Illuminated Channel Letter Signs

Illuminated Channel Letter Signs are the most commonly used signage options for retail, business, city and sports venues.  They are the best way to draw attention and get customers in your door. With many options to choose from  our LED Illuminated Channel Letter Signs are energy efficient, low voltage, low maintenance and attract attention! LED Illuminated Business Signs provide the opportunity to create savings over a long period of time and shine much brighter than neon. We can manufacture front lit or backlit channel letters in any color. If you have an existing channel letter sign and are interested in converting the sign to an LED channel letter our team can easily come out and evaluate the best option for you. In some cases we can simply remove the neon from the existing channel letter and retrofit the letter with LED. However, not all existing channel letter signs can be retrofitted due to age of the sign and the faces of the letters possibly cracking as well as the trim cap coming off of the edges of the letters. If you are interested in the finest channel letter signage available contact our staff today and we will be happy to help with your next project.