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If you’ve driven around Murfreesboro, chances are you’ve seen channel letter signs that Franklin Sign Co made and installed. Murfreesboro is growing at an incredible rate, and with this growth comes new businesses that need to stand out from the crowd. Fortunately, that’s something we specialize in!

Channel letter signs are great for many reasons. For one, each set of channel letters has an individual structure and potentially separate illumination, meaning these signs are versatile when it comes to design requests. Channel letter signs can also be made in almost any font, shape, size, or color. The noteworthy versatility of channel letter signs combined with Franklin Sign Co’s proficiency in graphic design make us the perfect choice for your brand new Murfreesboro business or for the company that just wants to spruce up their appearance to make a great impression.
Channel letter signs are commonly used with environmentally friendly LED lighting to illuminate your sign and make it stand out in high traffic areas. You can also alter the direction of the lighting on channel letter signs. A front lit sign, an open face sign, a reverse lit sign, or a front/reverse lit sign all contribute differently to your channel letter signs aesthetic appeal. Your Murfreesboro business should be highly visible to potential customers, even at night, which makes channel letter signs a great option for increased exposure.
Channel letter signs are also lauded for their extreme durability. We build these signs to endure even the worst of weather. Ice storms in Murfreesboro are no match for the durability of a channel letter sign from Franklin Sign Co.
These versatile and durable signs are also lightweight and easy to maintain. These are some of the reasons why national brands inevitably choose channel letter signs for their well-known brands. Take your Murfreesboro business to the next level with channel letter signs. Whether you are an established Murfreesboro company or are a new business contributing to the fantastic growth of the city, Franklin Sign Co will help you stand out from the crowd!

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