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Retractable BannerBanners are an incredibly simple and effective promotional tool for a wide variety of situations. Banners can be used in nearly any situation, but are commonly used as a quick and easy set up in trade shows, conferences, conventions, festivals, point of purchase displays in your store, and other more short term promotional activities. The reason they are so effective in these situations is the ease of setting up and taking down a banner as opposed to a more long term and less mobile solution from Franklin Sign Co. Banners are durable, and are an effective way to build visibility and brand awareness at any event for years to come.


Banners are also a great way to promote your brand as a last minute solution since they are less time consuming for us to make and easy for you to set up. If you have been accepted on short notice to a trade show in Nashville and want to make sure your business gets the brand awareness you strive for, Franklin Sign Co. can make sure we meet your deadline so you have a display that looks professional and appealing, giving you that added visual impact to your display. Since we make all of our signs with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, you can rest assured your banner will stand out from the crowd and attract the eye of all attendees.


Retractable banner signs are another excellent way to promote your brand with some of the same benefits of a standard banner. This form of banner comes with a display stand and is a great addition to your visual marketing suite, in part due to its visual versatility.

A retractable banner sign comes with a display stand, a banner with high-quality enticing graphics, and can either be single-sided or double-sided, capable of being made into a wide variety of customizable dimensions. Retractable banner stands are easy to set up and take down, are lightweight for easy travel, and are easy to store. Another benefit is that Franklin Sign Co can re-create and replace the design of the banner depending on your event and put it on your existing display stand. If you’ve used a retractable banner at a conference in Brentwood, but now have an event in Franklin with the need for a cost effective and easy-to-set-up visual display with updated information, our team can quickly fix up your existing display stand with a brand new retractable banner graphic, saving you time and money.


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